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Ollie the Great Dane - 1/6/18

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Ollie, our little Great Dane pup, will be going to a wonderful home with Patty and Jim in Omaha, Nebraska! They have two dogs, Beauty the Mastiff (a BDHP alum), and Fly the Border Collie. Dutch and Mojo are the cats, Mufasa the rabbit, and Maverick the lizard. One adult son at home and two others who visit regularly. Needless to say, Ollie will have a full and entertaining and loving household in which to grow and thrive! All the critters have their own floors/space, a nice backyard in which to romp (even a koi-less koi pond!), and Patty and Jim are committed to doing whatever needed to help manage his mega-esophagus. Enjoy your new life, Ollie - you deserve it! THANK YOU, JESSICA & ANSON, FOR FOSTERING THIS ADORABLE COW!