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Odin the Great Dane - 8/12/17

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I've heard the saying that three is a charm, and I believe that to be true. Odin the Great Dane here, and I want to tell everyone about my new home with Hi-D and Dave in Commerce City, Colorado! There will now be three dogs in the family, as I'm joining Panda Bear the Border Collie/Corgi mix and Mr. Allegro the Corgi/Collie/Terrier mix. All three of us are rescues, and as we all know… that's the best kind! Panda Bear likes to heard, so maybe I'll have to avoid her with these long legs of mine - ha! Anyway, my new humans are large-breed experienced, having worked with a St. Bernard rescue and having fostered/owned Saints in the past. I'll get to go on some walks to burn off my teenager energy and then snooze in either a dog bed or the human bed at night. Oh, and cuddles. I get lots of cuddles. Thank you for finding my new home, BDHP, and thank you, Mandi and Sandy for fostering me!