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Oakley the Great Dane - 1/17/18

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OH OAKLEEEEEEEY! This adorable Great Dane is ready to shout his news from the rooftops. This boy came into rescue because a Chihuahua wouldn't lay off of him, and it annoyed him after a very long time. He spent some R&R time with a foster and now he's off to a forever family! Christopher and Andraya of Lakewood, Colorado are pleased to add this boy to their pack. They have a 1 year old dog named Nemi who will play and romp with Oakley all day long. They also have friends and family with dogs, so Oakley will get tons of new playmates. His family is also quite active, so there will be hikes in his future. This couldn't be a better place for Oakley to land, and we're so pleased for him! THANK YOU, AMY & BRYAN, FOR FOSTERING THIS GOOFY GUY!