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Moose the Great Dane - 7/16/17

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Lucky, lucky me!  I am a Moose, as my name denotes - 165 pounds I'll have you know. A little over an acre in my new home will suit me just fine. I am a mellow fellow which I hope will please Nicole, Kurtis and Daisy, my new English Bulldog sister. She's getting up there so we should get along great. I have a little trouble with my hindquarters. So Daisy and I will keep each other company while my new terrific humans work. You know UPPIES (upper middle agers) need love, companionship, sleep and a bit of exercise. Nicole and Kurtis have researched we Danes and know just what I require. Thank you BDHP for finding this Merlequin a super home and to Jeanette and family for fostering me!  Thank you Nicole and Kurtis for adopting an UPPIE and realizing our attributes. I will try my hardest to make you happy that you committed to being my forever family.  I love you three already.