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McKinley the Great Dane - 11/21/17

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Oh, we Merles are so very beautiful! And, we Great Danes are such sweethearts!  So did my foster think too.Yaaaay, they decided to keep me in their family and I'm so very happy to be staying here in Westminster, Colorado!  I wormed my way into their hearts as they wormed their way into mine.  We are soulmates and will live happily ever after together.  So, this is what they call a foster failure. But it is never a failure, just a couple of humans falling in love with a foster like me. Besides Kara and Jacob and their son Milo, I'm loving their other two Danes and even their cat.  We will be going on hikes and camping.  Oh, what a life we will have!  I have the best home I ever could have wished for. I knew it from the first day they fostered me. Thank you for keeping me and for your love.