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Mama the Cane Corso - 9/30/17

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Although my name is Mama, I won't be the Mama in my new home but the four legged daughter.  That's just fine with me.  Thunder and a touch of arthritis are the only nemeses for this Cane Corso  (they think between 6 and 7 years-not a youngster for an older lady). I am so happy to be the new daughter of a calm couple, Sean and Lorae, with no one else but me in the home with them in Henderson, Colorado.  I will probably be spoiled as an only "child" but that is something I definitely look forward to! In return Zoie and Jack will be the most loved rescue parents ever and the most protected. We will fill the void in each other's lives.  How good is that! THANK YOU, MARIE, FOR FOSTERING ME!