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Maddi the Great Dane - 7/18/17

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We often talk about dogs hitting the jackpot with their new forever home. Well, "cha-ching," says Maddi the Great Dane pup! She now has an ideal home with Kathy and her mother in Kansas City, Missouri! They've had large dogs for over 25 years, obedience train them, and love and care for them as they would any family member. (Have we mentioned the pool in the back yard that has even been used for dog therapy and injury rehab purposes?) So Maddi will get her gentle training so she'll grow into her paws and be a wonderful companion. She'll get to hang around with a German Shepherd and a poodle, and go on at least two walks a day with each of them. Not to mention have a large house and larger yard to zoom around in. And… she'll learn how to swim in the pool! Maddi was very lucky to have found an amazing home with two equally-as-amazing pet parents.  THAN YOU, CRAIG & MIRANDA, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEETHEART!