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Luna the Great Dane - 2/25/17

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Hello, everyone! Luna the Great Dane here to tell you how my stars aligned and I wound up in a new home with Brett in Parker, Colorado! He used to have a lab named Lucy, but unfortunately, she went to the Rainbow Bridge recently. He's an experienced dog owner and thought I'd be the perfect fit for his family. I agree, and I hope I can help his heart heal. I'll get to hang out part-time with three older children and even a Dachshund named Heidi. I'll get lots of exercise, including walks, fetch time, and the dog park. Brett even likes to teach his dogs to ring a bell to go outside, so maybe I'll get to add that to my list of skills! I thank you for the second chance, BDHP, and I look forward to my new furever home! THANK YOU ALSO TO MY FOSTERS, KRISTEN & MONROE, FOR TAKING SUCH GREAT CARE OF ME AND HELPING ME TO GET TO A HEALTHY WEIGHT!