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Kiara the Saint Bernard - 9/23/17

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Kiara the senior St. Bernard arrived into rescue because of circumstances out of her control. Her previous family was forced to relocate & a good Samaritan brought her to BDHP. She spent a grand year learning all the ropes of foster life with her family who was incredibly patient helping her learn to cope with her separation anxiety. After her patience, she was finally rewarded with a new forever family to call her own where someone is home almost all the time and they have dealt with SA behavior before so they know just what to expect and the best ways to help her feel more comfortable. Holly and Kelly of Aurora, Colorado are so happy to take Kiara into the fold. They have three children and new hound puppy to learn from her. She is going to have the best life with this family, and it couldn't be a happier ending for Kiara. THANK YOU, BECKY & JAY, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVE MUFFIN!