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Jolene the Newfoundland - 5/19/17

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Jolene, Jolene, you're future's looking brighter by the day, sweet Jolene! Jolene is heading East to her forever home in West Charlton, New York, where she will be joining Michael and Amy and their 3 year-old Newfie and two Main Coon cats. Michael and Amy not only have one Newfie to make Jolene feel right at home, but they've had Newfies in the past, so they are very knowledgable about the best giant breed in the universe (sorry, as a fellow Newfie Mom, my colors come through from time to time!) Jolene will love her new home, it's actually a small farm where she will have lots of room to roam and enjoy her new life of freedom and lots and lots of love. Jolene, your future will be bright! Good luck, sweetie! THANK YOU, BRIT & ADAM, FOR FOSTERING THIS FLUFFY FRIEND!