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Henry the Great Pyrenees Mix - 9/2/17

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Being around those who have similar dispositions is a great thing, and it's Henry the Great Pyrenees Mix here to let you know that I found an amazing forever home with two like-minded brothers! Kealy and Adam from Lafayette, Colorado chose me to add to their pack, and boy, do I ever fit in well! I now have two Blue Heeler mix brothers named Pip and Sam (and a cat and six chickens) that I get to pal around with. We go on walks, hikes, camping, to the dog park, and romp around a lot in our big yard. My humans were familiar with giant breeds and did lots of research before adopting me… and they REALLY wanted a Great Pyrenees. So… there I was! And oh, am I glad they found me. Thank you for all your hard work, BDHP!