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Gracie the Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix - 1/14/17

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Don't tell my fellow canine peeps, but I found a new home with two feline friends, and I couldn't be happier! Gracie the Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix here to let everyone know that Sharene and Brad from Strasburg, Colorado chose me to add to their family! Brad runs a doggy daycare, so he has had a lot of experience - including with us giant breeds. I get to go to work with Brad almost every day, so I'll be meeting a whole lot of new doggy friends. Then at home, I have two cats to befriend, Lexus and Lincoln. I'll probably like them more than they'll like me at first, but I know it won't take them long - I'll win them over! Also at home, I have lots of fenced-in acreage to roam when I want to, and space inside to nap when I need to. Thank you, BDHP, for finding me this great home and Mariah and Justin for fostering me!