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George the Great Dane/Mastiff mix - 1/7/17

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I know there's a Curious George, but maybe you should call me Happy George. Because that's what I am, now that Tricia and Frank from Littleton, Colorado adopted me, George, the Great Dane/Mastiff mix! At my new home, I join an 8-year-old Mastiff/Bloodhound mix buddy named Andy, a feline friend who I'll enjoy getting to know, and an adult boy! Andy is lonely since his Lab friend recently had a stroke and passed away, so I hope I can fill that void a bit. I'll get to be a big lap dog, go on many walks (and on long weekend walks), and basically just hang out with my new critter and human peeps. It'll be a wonderful life for me now, and I thank BDHP for finding me the ideal furever home and Lani for fostering me!