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Forrest the Great Dane - 1/1/18

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This tree in the forest is the happiest one of all.  Forrest, our beautiful blue Great Dane will be settling down with a great extended family.  Robyn's mom is home during the day when Robyn and her husband are working. So Forrest will not be left alone which every dog loves.  He will also have built in siblings who are 16 and 3. Plenty of play time with them will keep Forrest occupied and feeling loved, also what every dog loves.  His new family has experience with rescue dogs and one who had anxiety issues.  We wish you good luck in your new home and with your wonderful forever family.  Keep in touch Forrest and let us know how you are enjoying your new life! THANK YOU, SAVANNAH & TROY, FOR FOSTERING THIS BLUE BOY WONDER!