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Eenie the Cane Corso Mix - 7/8/17

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Cane Corso, Eenie, was sadly being sold in a parking lot. A veterinarian thought it would be much better for BDHP to foster her and her brothers and sisters. What a rescue that was! Poor little pups sold in parking lots can be walking into less than loving homes - very bad plight for them. So, now little Eenie will be joining a family with three children, all under 10 years old who will love and play with her. Their last 80 pound Lab had quite a bit of baggage and they never gave up on her. So, this will definitely be a forever home for little Sloan.  She will love the walks, jogs and will look forward to time in the park right across the street. Thanks to that caring Vet, her foster mom and dad, Joy & Jon, and BDHP her future is very bright!