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Duke the Newfoundland Mix - 12/4/17

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Duke is a Newf mix and at the beginning of his stay as a BDH foster his feelings were also mixed because he didn't really know what to expect. After all he had been a stray and had spent some time in a shelter, very frightening. Although he will always be a Newf mix, his feelings will definitely not continue in a mixed state.  He has been adopted by Louisa, Mark and their two kids who will give him the consistency and love he so deserves. His short life didn't start out very well but from now on he will live not in a house but a home and his scary memories will fade away once he knows he is a treasured family member.  When Louisa and Mark are not home he will have a sitter, the same one each time. He'll be going on walks, on car rides, swimming, camping, hiking which will create a bond with his human group that will last all his days. We wish you all the best together!  It's time for happiness, Duke! THANK YOU, PAIGE, FOR FOSTERING THIS HANDSOME BOY!