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Duke the Great Dane - 5/13/17

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Hi Everyone!  Did I get lucky or what?  I have some baggage what with being sold in a pet store, which could mean I came from one of those awful puppy mills and then being shuttled around to two other homes.  I've had a rocky start in life and am so grateful that a wonderful lady who lives in the mountains has fallen in love with me. She wants to give me a forever home with her and her four legged adoptee, Kitten who is a dog!  Kitten prefers large dogs and that is definitely me.  Lindsay has had much experience with dogs with baggage imposed upon them by humans. So, she will be very understanding and loving with me. After living with my new Mom I know I will forget my sad past and settle in with my new caring family. After having been abused, neglected and attacked by other dogs I am so excited and happy to finally have a forever home where I will be appreciated. THANK YOU, ALICIA, FOR FOSTERING ME!