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Danica the Great Dane - 3/16/17

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Danica the Great Dane must share her amazing news! This sweet girl came to BDHPI as only skin and bones, with Demodex Mange. After much care, food and treatment, she was nearly back to her goofy, sweet self. Now she's off to live with James, Diane and BDHP alum Toby the Dane of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Toby is a recent addition to the family, so he will be teaching Danica how to live in their new home. Diane is home a lot, and James believes in lots of exercise. He might be surprised to find Danica likes the couch a bit more, though. This girl could not have landed in a happier home after her rough beginnings. THANK YOU, ANDREA AND DAVE, FOR FOSTERING THIS GOOFY GIRL!