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Clyde the Great Pyrenees - 1/14/18

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Clyde and Sasha will soon meet and become the best of brothers and sisters.  Sasha needs a new brother as Lou, her Lab/Pyrenees/Mastiff brother, left for the Rainbow Bridge in September. She misses her companion and needs another guy with whom she can bond.  Clyde is a sweet, gentle Great Pyrenees anxious to fill the void Lou left.  Clyde's new Mom, Christine of Omaha Nebraska, is retired and will be home most of the time.  She has a fenced yard for her two to play whenever they want.  This guy is getting a warm, loving home that he certainly deserves, as do all dogs.  Here's to Clyde living a long and happy life in his new forever home. THANK YOU, NATALIE, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG TEDDY BEAR!