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Cleetus the Mastiff Mix - 3/18/17

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OH MY GOODNESS! The wonderful Cleetus, the senior mastiff mix has a home! His past has left him very slow to trust others, and at his age, he does not care for young hyper dogs. His new mom, Marie, is a vet tech with a ton of experience with animals/dogs and is fully aware that Cleetus has his quirks and is more than willing and able to work with him. He will be living in Colorado Springs, Colorado with 2 laid-back fursiblings and 1 feline fursibling. This boy will have the best life! Blessings are yours Cleetus. Never again will you have to be passed around. Never again will you ever wonder what will happen to you. THANK YOU, KYLE & RUTHIE, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET OLD MAN!