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Chase the Great Pyrenees - 12/3/17

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This Great Pyrenees, Chase, is going to a family of consummate dog lovers. They have had many other rescues and even went so far as selling a car to pay for a hip replacement for their Samoyed.  We know it was worth it but not many would go to these great lengths for their animals.  Chase, you will be more than happy with these people as they will love you as no one has before. You will gain weight, take walks and best of all you will have some two legged pups and their friends to play with and work off some of your puppy energy.  Have a good, long life  young man, and we know you will return all the love and loyalty you receive from this wonderful group by the bucket full.  Wishes for happy beginnings do come true! THANK YOU, SHARLA, FOR FOSTERING THIS PLAYFUL PUP!