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Charlotte the Newfoundland and Bijou the Great Pyrenees - 9/6/17

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Two big dogs are always better than one, and that's why we, Charlotte the Newfoundland and Bijou the Great Pyrenees, were adopted together! We were both adopted from BDHP originally, but our former owner's work hours changed, so we were looking for a new place to lay our fuzzy heads. Enter Karen from Lochbuie, Colorado… our new fur-ever mom! She has owned St. Bernards in the past and was looking for a similar breed to get the canine back in her life again… and when she saw us, she fell in love. Ditto for us! Her adult son and her sister live with her, so we'll have lots of company. We have a nice yard to exercise in, we get to go on plenty of walks, and we're so happy we get to fill her home with dog love again! Thank you for finding her for us, BDHP, and thank you, Lucy, for fostering us until our big day came!