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Callie the Great Dane - 12/8/12

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Callie has not only found a new family in Killeen, Texas, but she had been given a new purpose in life. Callie will be being trained by the Wounded Warrior Project to be a Service Dog for her new Mom, Michelle, who is currently in rehabilitation through this awesome organization. Duane, Callie's new Dad, is also in the Army, so we not only appreciate this family for their profound service and sacrifice, but we thank them for giving a Big Dog a second chance to truly make an impact on a life. Callie will have 2 Jack Russell Terriers, Hunter & Taz, in the house to keep her busy when she isn't working. We hope for updates on Callie's milestones as she goes through her training and we wish the absolute best for this family. THANK YOU, DERRIK & NICOLE, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVELY LADY!