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Bo the Mastiff/Great Dane Mix - 7/2/17

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Well, my other people who dumped me may have not appreciated my attributes such as my beautiful black and white coat, my sweet disposition, etc. etc. etc.  But thanks to BDHP this is my lucky day because a wonderful Psychologist (that means he will be in tune with my personality) has stepped forward to bring me into his home in Pueblo Colorado. Maxwell will be my four legged brother and boy will we have fun!  I won't be too crazy with him because he is a little older, even though they say he's pretty patient. The six foot fenced yard will give me the opportunity to run and play outside, which I love. I'll try to stay away from the chickens so I don't scare them and will be the best Dane ever for my new Dad and brother . We three guys will be so happy - taking walks, hanging out together, playing and just loving each other. I can't wait to start a new life in my forever home! THANK YOU, REBECCA, FOR FOSTERING ME!