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Belle the Great Dane - 12/17/17

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So, as a 9 year old, gorgeous Great Dane (thus my name Belle) I couldn't be any luckier than being adopted by a Vet Tech!  We all know that as we special Danes approach our golden years we need a little more care than the little know, getting up once down, some extra stuff maybe for pain and to help those old bones and last but not least, what we all need, a tender, loving family.  My new sister, a Bassett Hound, and I will go to work every day with Katie.  Isn't that the dog's woof!  Katie and her Mom are very familiar with large dogs and her Mom used to be a volunteer for BDHP to boot!  We're told Katie has a very kind heart and so do I.  Katie will have my upper middle age Bassett's and my love for the rest of our days and when our time for the Rainbow Bridge comes we will wait there to see our beloved Mom again.  I can't wait to go to meet all my new friends in Lincoln Nebraska!