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Bella the Bullmastiff - 3/24/17

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I found a place to play, play, play… and then get all the belly rubs I want! It's me, Bella the Bullmastiff, and I want to let everyone know all about my new life! Jeffrey and Kristy from Cherry Hill, New Jersey chose me! That's right, I get to be a Jersey girl! I now have a home with a tall fence, and four other critters to play with. There's a Miniature Pinscher, a Beagle, and two felines. I get to run off some of my energy on walks, at the dog park, and in the back yard. My new owners previously had a Dogue de Bordeaux and a Cane Corso who each lived long lives, and I want to continue that tradition! Get this - my new humans state that one of their favorite activities is watching TV with their arms around a dog. Are you kidding me? That's perfect - as long as they keep rubbing my belly, too! Thank you for finding me an amazing forever home, BDHP! THANK YOU, BOBBI, FOR FOSTERING ME, THE SPUNKY MONKEY!