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Annie the Great Dane - 1/21/18

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A perfect yard for the Great Dane puppy zoomies? Annie the Dane found it with new adoptive fur-parents Kaari and Brad in Lewis, Colorado! Annie will have a 3-acre fenced-in backyard, and 35 total acres to call her own. There are two Heeler-mix dogs, an older and wiser Great Dane (also adopted from BDHPI) and an independent cat for Annie to play with, an adult daughter for her to bond with, and a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix dog that visits often. The couple owned two much-loved Danes in the past, and they wanted another to add to the family. Brad has done a lot of canine training, and the couple even does some beekeeping on the side! It'll be a fun and exciting life for little Annie, and she's so glad that BDHP gave her a second chance at a great furever home! THANK YOU, ASHLEY & ROB, FOR FOSTERING THIS BLACK BEAUTY!