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Alaya the Newfoundland - 10/25/17

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Alaya the Newfoundland is just what the doctor ordered to heal the hearts of her new mom and dad, Lindsay and Colin, of Larkspur, Colorado. They recently lost their third giant breed dog in the last year and the house was feeling a little lonely, as was their French Bulldog, Tank. Alaya has gone from life as a breeder dog to being loved and adored by their two kids, Tristan and Carter, comfy dog beds throughout the house, and a great big fenced yard on acreage for her to run and play with all of her new siblings. Her parents plan to get her certified as a therapy dog in remembrance of their Great Dane, Baxter, so she can continue to give back to the community and demonstrate what gentle giants are all about! THANK YOU, SUSIE & DAVE, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET SOUL!