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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Olive Oil the Great Dane came from an unhappy home where she spent 12 hours a day in a crate and around unhappy people going through a painful divorce. But those days are behind her now as this sweet and gentle soul heads to Denver, Colorado to join Frank and Justin and their two dogs. Sandy and Lucky, Olive's new canine siblings will provide her with the companionship she craves and help her to build her confidence.

Sweet Phoebe, our 8 year old Mastiff, was so sad that her Mom passed away.  She didn't want to leave her five kids but it was impossible for the family to care for her.  She prays that God gives her family strength to get through their tragedy.  She's now to be happy again although she will miss her former people.  A new family has decided to give Phoebe a caring forever home.  She will have Grimly, a 10 year old English Mastiff, Gus, a 2 year old Newfoundland and a cat named Boo to show her the ropes in her new home.

Tank the Great Pyr with Special Needs has found the perfect home with Julie and Jim in Parker, Colorado. Jim and Julie have experience working with dogs with special needs, so we are confident that Tank will be in good hands and will quickly settle into his new home and become a loving member of the family very soon. Tank will also be able to learn the ropes at his new home from his new canine companion, a six-year old Doberman mix. We believe Tank has found a happy home!

Dude! It's Dude the Mastiff here with my amazing news… I've been adopted by AJ in Omaha, Nebraska! AJ's brother has a Great Dane and is good friends with a BDHP volunteer who has two English Mastiffs, so he was bitten by the large-breed bug… and I'm ready to fill that need! I get to live in a newly-built house with plenty of space an an extra bedroom just for me.

One meaning for Sipsey is popularity.  This unusual name belongs to our very popular and unique Sipsey, a black and white Newfie.  Yaaay, she is being adopted by an unusual and wonderful family who have a Golden Doodle, 2 Newfies and two indoor cats who are very used to giant dogs. She is so lucky to have such a ready made four legged family along with her new people Valerie, Jason and their three kids, two who live at home.

Ivan the Bullmastiff has found an amazing home with Paula and John in Oakhurst, California. They have an 8-month-old English Mastiff named Dakota who will help Ivan gain confidence, and she'll be a wonderful playmate for him! With large-breed experience, they're ready to take on any issues or needs that may arise, and there's an adult son in the household who house- and dog-sits when needed.

Diesel the Great Dane went from being surrendered to being wanted and adopted! He joins Christina in Albuquerque, New Mexico and will also get to bond with a 7 1/2 year-old rescue Dane named Holly and a family cat. Christina saw Diesel on the BDHP site and was ready to adopt again after already having Holly for four years. Everything worked out and now Diesel has his forever home!

Rimbo the young Great Dane has headed west to join Stacy and John in Park City, Utah! He will get to learn all about pack life from two other Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees dogs, Titan and Summit. Park City is a very dog-friendly town, even having a dog parade for Halloween! Rimbo will get to join all that fun, as well as go on walks and hikes multiple times during the day. John owned a Great Dane previously, and Titan and Summit have a fun Dane playmate. It's an ideal situation for Rimbo, thanks to BDHP! THANK YOU, LAURA, FOR FOSTERING THIS PLAYFUL PUP!

I'm as strong as Hercules, sweet as sugar. But even a strong 8 year old, black Mastiff mix as me needs a lot of love. And, now I will have that love!  Karen, Tony and their 9 year old son have decided I am the guy for them. I can't wait to become their dog forever and give them back all the love they will show me. I will be living in Colorado Springs and am anxiously awaiting all the trail walks, my fenced yard and playing with my new two legged brother!

Happy Halloween, Pumpkin! Today is your day as you have been adopted by a great family whose beloved dogs recently went to the Rainbow Bridge. Liza and Scott of Evanston Illinois are so happy to have you come into their lives and are ready to show you a wonderful forever home filled with love.

Moscato, the 3 to 4-year-old female Great Dane, has a happy ending to her sad beginning. She was originally going to go to a backyard breeder to be used until she could not breed any more. Thankfully, it fell through, and she ended up with Big Dogs Huge Paws. But the best part… she has a forever home with Julie and Mike in Highlands Ranch Colorado. They are previous adopters who understand that there is an adjustment period and are willing to do whatever it takes to help Moscato learn that she no longer has anything to fear for the rest of her life.

Florence, our young English Mastiff lady, has been blessed to be joining a great dog loving family with Nathan and Wendy in Parker, Colorado!  She will have a yard with six foot fence to play in and will enjoy many walks bonding with her two legged adopters.

Zoey, you sweet young Great Dane, you were so close to being euthanized at the shelter where your previous owners left you. But then Big Dogs Huge Paws stepped in and placed you with Geoffrey, your foster dad in Omaha, Nebraska. Well, Geoffrey quickly discovered what a sweet and loving dog you are and that was it! You are home, sweet Zoey. You're not going any further. You will be loved for the rest of your life.

Wow, I'm going to live forever with a terrific group!  Two new four legged siblings and four two legged - a ready made family!  Natalie and Scott of Arvada Colorado have large dog experience, which will be great for me because I'm a 4 month old Pyrenees who will grow, grow, grow!  Miso is my name and love will be my game as I grow into adulthood and into a treasured family member. My humans know I will need patience and calm, firm, loving hands.

Zeus the Great Dane mix pup has taken his high energy to the home of Grant and Elizabeth in Aurora, Colorado. They both love Great Danes and have a neighbor with one that they've also fallen in love with. They are great pet-sitters, needless to say. There's an adult daughter in the home, as well as a cat named Herman. Zeus will have a large back yard with a six-foot fence to run, run, run in.

Cheyenne the Great Dane is thrilled to report that she will be the princess of the castle where she will now reside with Ryan, Kathy, and their daughter Riley. They are no strangers to giants after owning a Newfoundland, Fila Brasiliero, and two English Mastiffs so she is in wonderful experience hands. They are also long-time adopters and volunteers for BDHPI so she will receive all the patience and understanding she needs as she adjusts to her new environment.

Once an English Mastiff fan, always an English Mastiff fan. Aaron in Manitou Springs, Colorado is just that, and he recently adopted Tilly the English Mastiff to add to his family! Aaron previously adopted BDHP alum Max, who lived to be 13! He currently has Gus, an easygoing 9-year-old English Mastiff who Tilly will love hanging around with as well. She will have a big, 8-foot fenced yard to romp and lounge around in, and that fresh mountain air to enjoy as she does so.

Skye the Great Dane is a very special girl...not only is she blind and deaf but she has been searching for her forever home for over two years! During those two years she showed us that changes were really hard on her but there was one person who she trusted more than anyone in the world and that is her foster mom, Alicia, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Petra, the 5 year old Great Dane has found the perfect home with Morgan and Thomas in Clark, Colorado. Petra will have the quiet she enjoys, plenty of room to roam and explore, and two new parents who can’t wait to fill her life with love and lots of fun. She has also already made friends with Rouge the Pitt/Lab mix who is her new brother and partner in crime. We are so happy for her!

We are happy to announce Belle, the 10 month, Cane Corso pup has been adopted by a lovely family.  She will go on many walks and have humans who will help her with her skittishness.  She will grow to be a confident, calm,  member of this group.  She will be shown patience with firm, loving hands which all dogs require.  Belle goes to a forever home where she will never want for anything she needs...definitely forever, as this new family of hers

Little Pony the Great Dane will now be the little pony of Jeanne in Pearland, Texas - a woman very familiar to the BDHP family, having adopted from, fostered for, and serving as Medical Coordinator for us in the past! Little Pony will join Dimitri (formerly Sam) the English Mastiff, Alessandra the mixed breed, Nico, Santini, and Tatiana the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Simone, Eric, and their two kids of Berthoud, Colorado are proud to announce the arrival of their new baby girl, Lily the Great Dane/Mastiff Mix.  While she will be the only dog right now, she will have plenty of company with their chickens, goats, and llamas and they dog sit regularly as well. They also intend to take her to the dog park and doggie daycare regularly so she'll get plenty of playtime. Eric works from home and can give Lily the attention and instruction she needs during the day. 

Popeye the Great Dane has sailed off to live with Madison in Anaconda, Montana. Madison grew up around large-breed dogs and she looks forward to loving Popeye just as much. Her grandmother currently owns Great Danes that have been adopted from BDHP and was often part of transports for those dogs, so she's almost like family. Popeye will get to go hiking a lot, as his new backyard is basically a national forest area! He will receive plenty of exercise, needless to say.

Alaya the Newfoundland is just what the doctor ordered to heal the hearts of her new mom and dad, Lindsay and Colin, of Larkspur, Colorado. They recently lost their third giant breed dog in the last year and the house was feeling a little lonely, as was their French Bulldog, Tank. Alaya has gone from life as a breeder dog to being loved and adored by their two kids, Tristan and Carter, comfy dog beds throughout the house, and a great big fenced yard on acreage for her to run and play with all of her new siblings.

I'm Snow White the Great Dane… and yes… I did find my own charming home! Gretchen and Daniel from Lombard, Illinois fell in love with me, and I look forward to a wonderful life with them. They have lots of giant-breed experience, as well as experience with deaf dogs and our special needs. I'll get to play with a 10-year-old boy who knows how to treat us biggies, and I'll get to go on lots of walks and play ball in my big, fenced back yard.

"These Boots are made for walking" and I will be walking to a wonderful life with my new family that includes Kevin, Jennifer and their two great kids to play with me at my new home in Lafayette, Colorado!  This Newfie is out of my mind with happiness! Chloe, my new Newfie sister, who also came from BDHP, will be there to also play and show me the ropes.

Avery the Great Dane hopes to never see another porcupine in her life. This darling Great Dane got into a row with a porcupine, and her owners couldn't afford treatment. BDHP took in this loving girl and got her back to shape. Now she is going to live the cushy, amazing life a new family can offer her. Vauna and Chris of Loveland, Colorado have been long-time members of Big Dogs, so they know exactly the kind of care Avery needs.

Dozer, the lovely fawn Great Dane, who was abandoned on the streets of Oklahoma has found a soft place to land with Sandra and Rubin in Broomfield, Colorado. We believe this forever family is a perfect match for Dozer. He'll join Zeus, a 3 year old Great Dane and BDHP Alum, for companionship, he'll have a six-foot fence to keep him safe.

When people and companion animals are a perfect match, the tale is a heartwarming one. That's exactly what happened with Shepard the Great Dane, who found his ideal place with Kevin in Lincoln, Nebraska. Shepard is deaf, Kevin has a need and was looking for a specific type of dog, and we feel they were meant to be together! Kevin actually bought a house in order to adopt a dog.

Tonya the Bronze Newfoundland two year old didn't have to go far to find her forever home! This lucky girl was rescued from a breeder and quickly won the hearts of her foster family, Carrie, David, and their kids, Mia, Sam and Lizzy of Greenwood Village Colorado. She'll enjoy being the center of attention as the only dog in her family and will enjoy all the love and attention she deserves. Best wishes for a golden future, you bronze beauty, Tonya!

Axel the five year old Saint Bernard landed at Amy and Brian's house in Denver, Colorado and never left. This sweet dog made such a positive impression on her foster family, they couldn't bear to see him go any further. Even Bubbles, their existing dog, approved and is quite happy with her new friend. So they've said yes to the Saint! We're sure that Axel is happy his traveling days are behind him and he can enjoy the permanence of finding his forever home.

Andrea of Boulder, Colorado is thrilled to welcome Sadie the Newfoundland into her family. She lives in a very pet friendly complex and town and looks forward to taking her new addition just about everywhere she can. She also works close to home and plans to come home at lunch every day to spend time with her new baby. Sadie will have her own futon mattress to sleep on and will go on regular hikes in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. She will be one spoiled pup!

Sonya is now happily in her forever home with Belinda in Pueblo West, Colorado. She joins Maddy the Lab, Lila the Terrier and Adele the Doberman as well as Claire the cat. Belinda raised an English Mastiff previously and has rescued most of her dogs so she couldn't be in better hands! Sonya will enjoy dog door access to a fenced in yard where she can frolic with her new 4-legged siblings. THANK YOU, LINDSAY & COLIN, FOR FOSTERING THIS GENTLE GIANT!

Louise the Great Dane will be going from a situation where there were far too many dogs to a perfect home with just enough companions! She was adopted by Danny and Kelli in Grand Junction, Colorado. There, she will join Jolee the St. Bernard, Wilber the old man Pug, and Lacy and Samson the cats. AND three children who were happily surprised with a big dog - they all love Jolee, so Louise will be equally as loved by all (even the cats, who love to lick dog faces a lot)!

Marley got lucky!  Rene, Joe and their two teenagers have decided to keep him with them.  They call this a foster failure, but it is never a failure when a terrific family keeps a foster.  He will have an acre of fenced backyard where he can play with his new teenage siblings, daily walks and four two leggeds who will love him.  What more could Dane girl ask for - nothing!

Ada the Bronze 1 year old Newfoundland dog has hit the happy dog jackpot and is on her way to her forever home in Sammamish, Washington. She will join her Travis (who is a veterinarian!) Tricia, Maya, and their cat, Gracie Face. Her forever home has lots of Newfoundland dog experience so we know this is going to be the perfect home for Ada. She'll have a little one to watch grow, as Nanny dogs dearly love to do, and a cold climate to keep her comfortable.

Yaaaaay! I will be getting consistent meals every day! No more garbage digging for me. But more importantly Alyssa and Joe are giving me a real home with all the love and care any dog would need in Littleton, Colorado. This Great Dane is one lucky guy because I will also have a buddy to keep me company when our two legged parents aren't home. His name is Bentley and he is a Great Dane, just like me. Thanks BDHP and to my foster, Jocelyn! Love, Elvis

Ledoux the Great Pyrenees Mix has found the perfect forever home after being found as a stray. This sweet boy will now spend time enjoying living with Roger and Ednalynn and their two dogs and a horse in Parker, Colorado. Country living will suit the instinctive breed needs that Ledoux has, a need to guard, protect, and lead an active life. Ledoux has come a long way and we wish him happy trails from here. THANK YOU, MANDI, FOR FOSTERING THIS STUDMUFFIN!

Renee & Jess of Issaquah, Washington are the proud new owners of Edison the Great Pyrenees! He joins Max the Chocolate Lab and they are experienced with the big hairy guys after owning a Great Pyrenees/Bernese mix previously so he'll be in great hands! They have no 2 legged kiddos which means their dogs are their children and very spoiled.

Roxy the English Mastiff is another one of our gentle giants who hit the jackpot with an ideal home! She will be joining Marlene and Caleb in San Antonio, Texas for an amazing, relaxing life. Yet another ideal match, as they were interested in Roxy as soon as they saw her, and things worked out perfectly. They're so proud to have her as part of their pack. Roxy will join Diesel, a 3-year-old Mastiff, in the household.