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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Gunner is being adopted by a gentleman with a Dogue de Bordeaux, AJ.  Gunner and AJ can hang out and talk guy talk and have a fenced yard to wrestle around in.  Edwin, Gunner and AJ will be the three musketeers and the two four legged musketeers will be meeting a number of children.  His kind new owner does a lot of work with underprivileged kids.  The socialization will be great for Gunner because right now he is a little leery of new people.  He fl

Deb and T.J. from Golden, Colorado are official members of the "once a Great Dane fan, always a Great Dane fan" club, as they chose to adopt Obi the Dane! They had a Dane named Beasley who unfortunately recently passed from heart failure at age ten. So Obi will help their Dane-loving hearts heal. He will join Strider and Arwen, the two Weimaraners, and will get to romp with them on about 20 acres of land, and with a fully-enclosed, tall fence!

Barrett, the Great Dane, has a forever home with Sara in Cape Coral, Florida. He’ll be living the good life as the single, most spoiled and loved Dane ever. Their story is a pretty cool one. You see, they used to know each other a long time ago when Barrett was sadly stolen. She never gave up hope of finding him and now years later they have finally be reunited. Sara understands Barrett’s needs and is committed to meeting them.

Sometimes a sweet dog simply needs to find the right home and person. Sasha the Great Dane did just that when she was adopted by Joseph in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has owned two Danes in the past and is very familiar with the breed. Sasha will be his only dog and there are no children in the house, so she's set up for success. He was very excited to adopt a dog from a rescue, and we know Sasha will thrive in her new, ideal environment. Good luck, Sasha!

Every once in a while, an apartment manager will understand that giant breed dogs are actually great apartment dogs, and that's how Tyler was able to happily adopt Cher the Great Dane. Tyler lives in Denver, Colorado, and has a large apartment with access to an elevator, a great view, and it even sits right above a dog park! Cher has it made! He has a roommate and often dog-sits for friends… one of them having a 140-pound Dane. Because of her and also because his parents own a Dane mix, Tyler fell in love with the breed…  we don't blame him!

Toby the Saint Bernard is so glad to share his news with everyone. This darling boy dealt with seizures due to low thyroid which was part of why he came to rescue. After getting some additional care and TLC, he is doing so much better and is in love with his new family. His foster parents, Shelby and Sage of Casper, Wyoming, have decided this boy stole their heart. As such he is staying with the family for life! This family has to say goodbye to their family dog after many years, so Toby will help to fill a gap in their home and hearts.

I went from my prior life of a breeding dog to the amazing forever home of Christine in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri! Mocha the Newfoundland here to tell you all about my good news. Yes, I'll now have all the attention and love a dog deserves with my human, Christine.

What a happy day for Mr. Solomon! This adorable bronze Newfoundland is glad to leave the breeding life behind and retire as a pampered pooch. He is now a member of Susie and Dave's pack, woohoo! He will join their two other fluffy dogs and BDHP Alums in a life of plush comfort, wonderful food and 24/7 attention. Since this family also fosters for Big Dogs, Solomon will act as the shining example for future dogs coming into the home. We are so pleased with how this big boy's story has ended.

Jon Snow the Great Dane will be able to play in some snow, as he was adopted by Danielle of Parker, Colorado! She grew up with a Great Dane, adores the breed, and thought the time was right to have another big couch potato in her home. Her young children also have giant-breed experience and are very respectful of all animals. She also works from home which means constant companionship. So, Jon Snow will have an amazing family - including a young cat - to grow up with.

Supposedly humans with the name Drogo love change and excitement. This sweet 2 1/2 year old, male, Bullmastiff prefers living a secure life and calm days. Brittney is ready to give this guy a consistent, loving home. No more moving around for Drogo. Brittney wants to give this boy a life where he can expect to stay in his house every day for the rest of his life. She and he will walk together, play and develop a bond that will give him the steadiness he needs - things most people and dogs want. He will have a good home and in return Brittney will live with a loyal, sweet boy.

From being abandoned to adopted by a new family, Nakaya the St. Bernard is thrilled to announce she has a new home with Alexander in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has a new fur sibling named Kari, a 2-year-old German Shepherd/Malinois mix, and they'll be great playmates. She'll get to romp in a good-sized yard, play fetch, check out the dog park, go on walks and hikes, and even meet some new canine friends when Alexander dog-sits for people he knows. And when all that activity tired her out, Nakaya will be able to sleep in the master bedroom.

When you're an escape artist but find the right home, you're able to leave those days behind you. Beau the Cane Corso did just that after being adopted by Travis and Mindy in Glenwood, Iowa. See, Travis is a police officer who works with the K9 unit, and he's trained twelve different dogs. There are three girls and a boxer named Cain that Beau will join in the household.

Picante the 2-year-old, black brindle, male Neapolitan Mastiff is shaking his whole body in excitement. This boy came all the way from Russia to the USA to be bred but didn't exactly like the male in the house, and now he's living with a wonderful family. Rachel and Gustav of Riverton, Wyoming are making this boy a permanent member of the pack. They have an English Mastiff and BDHP alum Hercules the Neapolitan Mastiff to show him how things work in the house. They also have a lively assortment of farm animals, so Picante will meet all kinds of new friends.

Annie the Anatolian/Great Pyr Mix is getting the BEST present for Valentine's Day - a forever home! This girl came into rescue when her owner surrendered her. She went to a loving foster family who helped her realize it was gonna be OK. After a while, everyone was in agreement that Annie was staying put. Krista and Chris of Omaha, Nebraska have decided to foster fail with Miss Annie, and we couldn't be happier for them. Annie will have a new brother in the home, and she will get nothing but great food, awesome cuddles and the most attention a girl could ask for.

Odin the Great Dane mix found a wonderful forever home with Teresa and Colin in Evergreen, Colorado! Teresa is a current BDHP volunteer, so we know Odin will be in great hands. He will get to grow up with two younger children and a 3-year-old Lab mix. A 12-year-old much-loved Great Dane passed recently, so Odin will be able to fill the giant-breed void in the home now. Once a Dane fan, always a Dane fan, and Odin will thrive in Evergreen. Thank you for adopting him!

Duke the beautifully brindle 3 year old Mastiff Mix has waited so patiently for his forever home after undergoing TPLO surgery. Now his wish has come true, as he will be off to live with Brooke and Hunter of Carbondale, Colorado. This family has two wonderful children to give Duke 110% of their attention, and he will have a new brother in their Swiss Mix. This family is quite experienced with giant breed dogs, having adopted two previous BDHP alum who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Isa the beautiful Akbash has joined the human family and critter pack of Pamela and Hector in Lake City, Colorado. Pam and Hector have plenty of large-breed experience and own a farm with a caretaker who loves and handles all the critters. All of their dogs have been rescues, and there are also two cats - also rescues. Isa will get to pal around with a Dalmatian mix, go on plenty of hikes and walks, have fun with neighbor dogs, and take car rides into town.

Sadie the Great Pyrenees pup needed a home that understood the breed, and Kevin from Denver was more than happy to oblige with a wonderful adoption! He had a beloved Pyr previously, knows all about the large breeds, and was ready for another Pyr in his life. So Sadie will be an ideal fit. She'll be the only dog and will be much-loved and socialized. When Kevin is not home, she'll get to go on walks with a dog walker.

From the worst possible situation to the best possible life, our little Lexi the Great Dane has been adopted by Ashley and Robert in Peyton, Colorado! They are previous BDHP adopters and have tons of giant breed and Great Dane experience. Lexi will join Liko, a 4-year-old Newfie/Husky mix, as well as two older children who love and adore dogs. There's also a cat for Lexi to have fun with. They wanted another Dane in the house, and Lexi has hit the jackpot here. Have a wonderful life, Lexi - you deserve it!

Joanne and Brad from Littleton, Colorado are the happy adopters of Brystal the Great Pyrenees! They're experienced with giant breeds and currently own a much-loved Golden Retriever named Samson. So Brystal the Pyr and Samson the Golden will make for one stunning doggie couple, that's for sure! Brystal will receive all the love and care she needs to thrive in her amazing forever home, and we wish her the best in Littleton! THANK YOU, MARISSA, FOR FOSTERING THIS FLUFFY FRIEND! 

Oh Idgie, what a great story you have! This darling Dane is so pleased to head towards her forever home. Joan and Robert of Eldorado Springs, Colorado are experienced owners of BDHP dogs. They will know exactly what this girl needs to succeed her whole life. There are lots of friends for Idgie to spend time with in the neighborhood, and she might become the example for future fosters! Congrats to Idgie, and we hope to hear more great stories about her soon from the family.

Beautiful Bella has a home in which to grow and blossom with love. At 18 months she has many years to experience the caring she so deserves.  Love, walks, consistent caring all await this beautiful young girl. Her two little new human siblings and she will grow together and bond throughout their years of their journey toward adulthood. Jodi and Jerod, the parents of this trio will be there to teach and guide their two little ones and Bella.

"Good golly Miss Molly" you will never be bounced around again and you have found a wonderful home with Daniel and Jodi of Denver Colorado.  No more wondering how long you will be in a place because these two loving and caring people will be your human parents for the rest of your life.  You will take walks, hikes and runs with them so that you stay exercised as you need to be.  It is always terrific to be adopted because you know you were chosen becau

A perfect yard for the Great Dane puppy zoomies? Annie the Dane found it with new adoptive fur-parents Kaari and Brad in Lewis, Colorado! Annie will have a 3-acre fenced-in backyard, and 35 total acres to call her own. There are two Heeler-mix dogs, an older and wiser Great Dane (also adopted from BDHPI) and an independent cat for Annie to play with, an adult daughter for her to bond with, and a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix dog that visits often.

Cleo, the senior Great Dane, has a wonderful forever home with Kaari and Brad in Lewis, Colorado. Cleo will also have fursiblings for canine companionship for those few hours when one, or both, of her parents are not at home. Kaari and Brad are experienced Great Dane owners, so Cleo couldn’t be in better hands. She will rest her head at night forever loved and forever spoiled.

Es magnifique! Gigi the Saint Bernard is starting off the New Year with the best, most amazing resolution to come true. This girl came from a family who couldn't take her with them, and they were sad to let her go. She spent some time with her foster family, learning the ropes with other dogs and getting all primmed up. Now she's off to live with Lea Ann of Englewood, Colorado.

Joe from Arvada, Colorado previously owned a Great Dane named Luna, and when he saw Gabbana on the BDHP site, he knew she was the girl for him! Sweet Gabbana will now have a tri-level home with a nice-sized backyard to romp in. When Joe has to go to work, Gabbana will be able to make new friends at doggie daycare. As we say, once a Great Dane fan, always a Great Dane fan!

Thor went from being a Dane on the run to being a Dane in an ideal home! Joshua and Jennifer from Washington, Iowa have a passion for Great Danes and are very experienced with the breed, having rescued and trained many in the past. They currently have a dog named Spartacus, so Thor will get to have a playtime buddy and learn the ropes from him. Thor will also learn all the luxuries of indoor life, being safe and sound, getting lots of walks, and being a big lap dog. Dreams do come true, and Thor has found his dream family.

Doc Holiday, the Mastiff mix, has a wonderful home with Hannah and David in Papillon, Nebraska. They do not have children, but Doc will have a fursibling to play with when not sleeping or going for walks or the park. This will be the best “rest of his life” for Doc Holiday. THANK YOU, JILLIAN & NICOLAS, FOR FOSTERING THIS PLAYFUL PUP.

AJ and his recent adoptee, Dude a senior Mastiff who also came from BDHPI, look forward to having Lola come live with them.  Lola is also a senior so she and Dude should bond in time and make a great pair, especially since they are both English Mastiffs.  This forever home for her is a perfect fit.

OH OAKLEEEEEEEY! This adorable Great Dane is ready to shout his news from the rooftops. This boy came into rescue because a Chihuahua wouldn't lay off of him, and it annoyed him after a very long time. He spent some R&R time with a foster and now he's off to a forever family! Christopher and Andraya of Lakewood, Colorado are pleased to add this boy to their pack.

Clyde and Sasha will soon meet and become the best of brothers and sisters.  Sasha needs a new brother as Lou, her Lab/Pyrenees/Mastiff brother, left for the Rainbow Bridge in September.

Pandora's box has opened to a wonderful new world for Pandora!!  She will have two young siblings and parents who have had a Great Dane before who went to the Rainbow Bridge due to an illness.

Milo the handsome Great Dane will be strutting his stuff at the home of Teri and Steve in Moody, Missouri! They are very experienced dog (and animal) owners and had their hearts set on adopting a Great Dane. So… enter Milo! He will be joining Maisy the Great Dane who was adopted from BDHP also. There are two barn cats, a huge dog run with a shed and chicken coop at the end, and lots of rural farmland for Milo to check out.

​"Good Golly Miss Molly", has BDHP found you a wonderful home for he rest of your days! Large shaded yard, walks every night, and a kitty to call your sister.  Wow, your luck has definitely turned a corner.

Kiki the Newfoundland certainly found her ideal home with Suzanne in Breckenridge, Colorado! Suzanne has fostered for BDHP, has tons of giant breed experience, and works from home… so Kiki will have someone around all the time. She currently has a 7-year-old Newfie named Henry who also came from BDHP. He's friendly and loves everyone, so he will be a perfect role model and fur sibling for Kiki!

Lindy the Great Dane has been adopted by Craig and Robyn of Parker, Colorado! She will join Boots the large Otter Hound and Cielo the Siamese cat. Cielo pretty much is in charge of things, so Lindy will have an alpha feline female to learn about and from. The couple has one son who adores Boots and was very excited to have Lindy join the family. There's a long, enclosed backyard to zoom around in, and a whole lot of house for Lindy to explore.

Birmingham, a distinguished name for this very distinguished 8 year old, black Newfoundland.  He came to us from a breeder who could no longer care for him.  Now he can again be the distinguished guy he was meant to be.  He is going to be the new companion for Pamela of Stanton, Nebraska who has had a Newfie in the past. He will be allowed to sleep in her bed if he wants and has his own too.

Karin, Sean and their teenage kids of Highlands Ranch Colorado recently lost their American Mastiff and Harley the Fila is exactly what the doctor ordered to distract them from their loss. Oliver the Wirehaired Dachshund is pleased as punch to have a new 4-legged friend as well. They have a dog door to a fenced yard and plenty of love to go around! THANK YOU, KRISTEN & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS GOOFY GUY! 

Happy New Year to me! I’m Blues the Neo Mastiff Mix. My life started in a puppy mill but a good Samaritan rescued me and then Big Dogs Huge Paws found my best forever home! I’ll get to spend the rest of my life with Lindsey and Benjamin in Denver, Colorado and have 2 fursiblings to play with and help me learn the ropes and gain more confidence. Life sure is good now, and I’m so very happy. Thank you, Emily, for fostering me!