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Wendy - Saint Bernard (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Look at this face, who can resist such puppy cuteness?! Wendy is only 8 months old and she's in search of her forever home. This sweet fluff ball is already house trained, leash trained and crate trained and her bag of tricks doesn't stop there! She is also proud to announce that she knows how to sit, shake and speak but of course being a puppy she still has some chewing issues but this is easily resolved with supervision, redirection and proper chew toys for her to keep busy. One of her most favorite things to chew on is a marrow bone and it's tasty treats like this that will keep this little lady happy for hours. Wendy won't bark excessively or dig holes and she is quite proud of having so much control at such a young age. Wendy is amazing with dogs and cats and LOVES kids! Wendy enjoys taking rides around town with her family and will be happy to accompany you on any outing that you like. Wendy does have Addison's disease and will need monthly injections of Percorten to keep her symptoms under control, but other than this she is one happy, crazy puppy ready to slobber her way into your life!

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