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Waldo - Bernese Mountain Dog - BEHAVIOR HOLD

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Proud foster Mom here of the amazing Waldo Copper Bear, yes I have found myself saying "Where's Waldo" many times (still makes me laugh). While finding Waldo is easy, his past is a mystery. You see poor Waldo was dropped off at a shelter, and the story he is sharing doesn't seem to be the same as the story his previous owners told the shelter. We were told that Waldo is 5 but the vet thinks he is older (possibly 7). Waldo would like a quiet home with no children or cats. He finds both very scary. He is also very scared of men so would need any man in his life to be willing to go very slow with him and give him lots of extra time to warm up. Waldo has done well meeting adult women and most dogs. Most Bernese Mountain dogs love to lay outside on cold days, Waldo would prefer to lay inside on a nice bed. Like most middle to senior aged dogs Waldo has a few health issues. He has kidney disease and is doing well on a prescription diet. He also has some soreness that is managed with Gabapentin.  Waldo loves to go on car rides and have treats of frozen veggies. He also loves to go for walks and has great leash manners. Waldo may be a little more expensive than most dogs each month with his dietary needs but we think he is absolutely worth it.