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Utah - Bernese Mountain Dog - MEDICAL HOLD

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Utah the 2.5-year-old Berner boy is a breeder surrender in need of a home that will love him, special needs and all. Utah is house trained, but he will need a new owner who is home often as he has to go to the bathroom more frequently than most dogs. He does best in an x-pen when unsupervised. He is leash trained and knows sit and down. While he was kept outdoors mostly, it's all indoor living from here on out for this guy. Utah doesn't dig and never gets on the furniture unless invited, but he is vocal. He enjoys a good bone, and he'll happily entertain himself for long periods of time with one. He seems to enjoy the companionship of other dogs and while he hasn't been socialized much previously, he is doing very well after slow introductions. Utah hasn't been around cats, but we can have him tested. He is a lovebug if he knows and trusts you...but has been known to let those he doesn't with a quick bark request. He seems particularly leery of men, and we suggest a home with no young children. This big guy has hip dysplasia and a few surgerie, one for a liver shunt that will require a special diet and two obstruction surgeries from eating something he shouldn't. Utah will make a wonderful addition to the right home, and we know that they are out there... could it be you?


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