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Titan - Cane Corso - PENDING ADOPTION

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Titan the brave here....or Titan the tough...hmmm I shall work on my title but in the mean time ladies and gents let me tell you all about ME! I am a 4 year young, blue brindle Cane Corso who has cropped ears and a cute...I mean manly...nubby tail. I of course know to go to the bathroom duh. When left by myself I am better in my crate because I can still get into things sometimes, I'm a work in progress you know because I still like to think of of myself as a puppy...keeps me young. I know how to walk on leash and look all amazing by your side...umm what else...oh yeah I of course know how to sit, lay, shake and where's your toy; but I'm going to warn you here if we start playing tug of war you best dig in your heels pal because I'll play til the cows come home! I can play a little rough but my foster family is working on me with's just SOOOO exciting sometimes. I am good with other dogs and will be good with dog savvy cats after slow introductions. I'm not a huge fan of car rides so maybe that is something we can work on together? But I don't dig or chew and stay off the couch on my may get some pouty puppy dog eyes but hey a guys gotta try right? Come on folks, I'm ready and waiting.