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Tater-Tot - Cane Corso (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Please welcome Tater-tot to the family. He is a 5 month old, blue brindle, male Cane Corso who was found as a stray and transferred to us when he was not reclaimed. This sweet boy has already had a bit of a rough past and he is working very hard to overcome it and it shows daily with all of his positive steps forward. True to his breed, he can be leery of dogs he doesn't know, moreso males than females but in just a few short weeks of socialization (and being neutered) he is already doing much better. He just needs slower introductions so he understands that he will be safe and then he can be friends! He is a very goofy, affectionate young pup that thinks all of his Christmas' have come at once if he receives an ear scratch or a neck massage. Tater is good on a leash, will allow touching all over (in fact he loves the attention) and he knows to sit for treats. Since Tater was on his own for a long time he can be a bit protective over his food but this easily remedied with feeding in his crate or a separate room and an environment that understands he is just a baby who hasn't known life to be any different, until now.  Tator-tot has a lot of growing and learning to do and he is in the right place to do it! His foster family will be working on continued positive socialization and confidence building and once he settles in and realizes that he will be safe, fed and taken care of from here on out we bet that his inner puppy will bloom and he'll be the apple of someones eye.
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