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Stella II - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Stella is a beautiful, one year old, female, blue merle, Great Dane.  She currently weighs around 90 pounds and is as sweet as they come. Stella is house and crate trained and loves squeaky toys. She is good with other dogs..with proper introductions, and is people friendly. She is not a barker, digger or chewer and is very mellow for a young Great Dane. Her crate is her safe place and all you have to do is tell her night...night and she will walk right in. Stella loves to run and have fun in the yard and is good with name recall.  She enjoys car rides, peanut butter treats and walks like a cloud on a leash. She is in rescue because her previous owner was working many hours and she wanted Stella to have a home where someone is home more often than not. Have you heard of Spring fever....well, once you meet Stella, you will have Dane fever!

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