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Stella - Great Pyrenees (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Meet Stella. Stella is a 7 month old, white, female Great Pyrenees pup who was surrendered for being a puppy. She dug a hole after being left outside unattended and taken to a shelter for doing so. Stella is a wonderful young girl full of love, wags and and wiggles. She will require exercise, mental stimulation and supervision like any young pup. She is great with other dogs, house trained and leash trained and is very eager to please. Stella likes to play and will need continued socialization as she grows and lots of practicing of her basic commands and leash walking skills as she grows so she will be a well behaved, giant fluff ball as an adult. Stella's foster family will be working on these with her to get her all polished and ready to go when her forever family comes along. Don't forget Miss Stella is a Pyr so she will be barking to announce herself to the world at times and she will shed as all Pyrs do but she comes in a cute package and she'll win you over with her cute face and her big heart! If you need a polar Pyr this winter get your apps in quick!

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