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Snow White - Great Dane - SPECIAL NEEDS (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Snow White is an absolutely gorgeous 1 year old,  mostly white Harlequin, female Great Dane who is coming to us as her owner cannot provide her with what she needs to be a happy pup. She is house trained trained and knows to go potty outside, crate trained and leash trained but she needs a harness as she's still mastering her skills. Snow doesn't bark and she is most definitely an indoor princess that enjoys having a cozy bed and toys to play with. Snow will dig and chew on things when she is bored but hey, that's what puppies do! As long as she gets exercise and mental stimulation she will be kept happy as she grows out of her puppy stages. Snow enjoys going on car rides and she really loves to play with balls, chew on a bone and this girl is very treat motivated so training is much easier and considering she is deaf this will go long way in helping her focus and learn her hand commands. She is good with kids, other dogs and even cats  although she plays rough so she'll need a furry sibling that likes tackle football! She is deaf and does have some site limitations as well but gets around amazingly well despite this. Let us know if she's the gal for you! 


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