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Hi friends! My name is Skye and boy do I have a story to tell you! Three years ago my sister and I were born into this world and through no fault of our own we were born deaf & blind. We were born deaf & blind because an irresponsible backyard breeder used their 2 harlequins to produce a litter of puppies and this caused a genetic defect called the double merle gene. Puppies with the double-merle gene are predominately white and have a higher chance of being born deaf and with eye defects. My sister and I were luckier than most double-merle puppies because we were given the chance to live, unlike other puppies born this way. We were adopted to a family for the first year of our lives but they were not prepared to care for two Great Dane puppies. When we were of 1 our family surrendered us into rescue; unfortunately our first rescue was not able to find us a foster homes and we lived in a kennel. Then when we were 2 years old we moved to another rescue and into a foster home. Now at the age of 3 we are still living in our foster home and made it to Big Dogs Huge Paws.

Now I am sure after reading my long story I bet you are starting to feel sad for me but please don’t cause I have a BIG secret to tell you...since I was born deaf & blind I know nothing different and I am still a happy, NORMAL, rambunctious, pretty Great Dane puppy girl!!! Yes, yes my story might be sad, but I don’t hold any grudges! I might be shy at first when meeting new people but hey give me a few minutes (and cookies) and I will be your best friend in the whole world! I love cuddling on the couch like a normal Great Dane does! I know my touch commands and will sit, stay, come, and lay down like a perfect lady should! I walk perfectly on a leash and will be your best walking buddy! Also like a typical Great Dane I get the ZOOMIES! You might be worried about me being blind and how I get around, but don’t worry I have the best sense of smell and I use it to get around well I might run into a wall occasionally buy hey I have a hard head and I am sure you will help to guide me. Hey you could be my seeing-eye-person!?! Now that you know how great I am I will let you know about my few issues, I wasn’t properly socialized as a puppy and other dogs make me nervous sometimes so I need to be an only dog. I am also a rambunctious girl so I would do best in a family with older kids. I LOVE my people though and my dream is to one day find a family where I can be their one and only. Could you be the family of my dreams??

I cannot hear you say “I love you,” but I can feel the love you give! –Skye


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