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Shelby - Boerboel Mastiff

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Shelby is a 3 year old fawn, Boerboel Mastiff who is sweet as sugar and ready to find her forever home. She is good with most other dogs after very slow and proper introductions, but true to her breed she is initially leery and reactive to strange dogs. She is good with cats, but would prefer a home with no small children. Shelby i house trained and she goes right in her crate with no issue. She is very treat motivated and always eager to please - she takes her treats like a real lady. She doesn't dig but sometimes will get into trash/food when left to her own devices...this is easily remedied with entertaining toys, bones (which she loves) exercise and supervision. Shelby isn't allowed on the furniture but is very happy with her bed. This sweet girl loves any attention she can get and enjoys hers people very can scare her initially but some treats and a few minutes and she's golden! Water and baths scare Miss Shelby so some patience, time and positive reinforcement will show her that it's nothing that will hurt her. She walks superb on a leash and all you can see is that little nub wiggling all over. She allows handling all over and rewards you with kisses! This sweet girl just needs someone to love her as much as she loves her humans!