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Shawna - Newfoundland (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Meet Shawna, she's a 6 year old, fluffy, grizzly bear...ok maybe not a grizzly bear but she's a beautiful Newfoundland who is looking for her forever family, do you think it's you? Shawna was part of a breeder release that we were happy to take into our program because we wanted to give these sweet babies a new start. Shawna was born 4/11/11 so she'll be able to celebrate her true birthday with her new family each year and maybe if she's lucky she'll get some extra treats on those birthdays. Shawna has entropion so she'll be heading to the doggie doctor to get that all fixed up. This sweet girl is is good with other dogs and is learning new things daily as her foster family teaches the ins and outs of indoor living, basic manners and the joys of being a pet - something she's not had the pleasure of until now but she's loving every minute of it! Once we get to know this sweet girl some more we can update her bio.