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Sharpei - Saint Bernard - SENIOR (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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My name is Sharpei, and I'm not. Not a Shar Pei, that is. HA! No, I'm Sharpei the St. Bernard, and I'm a gorgeous, mature female at 10 years young. You know, once we're older we don't have all those goofy puppy behaviors and traits, so we're pretty much the ideal companion for anyone. I like to think I'm exactly that! I'm a tri-colored Saint, very friendly with all people and good with dogs of all sizes. There are a few hot spots on my skin and my thyroid is a little off, but we are working closely with the vet to get those issues under control and they are easy to manage. My former home was not the best, so I'm hoping to find a loving, ideal one to make my golden years truly gold. Could that be in your house?
Golden Rewards Program
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