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Sadie - Newfoundland (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Sadie girl is a 3 year old, 130 lb black Newfoundland who finds herself looking for a new place to call home only because her senior mama had to move into assisted living and couldn't bring her sweet girl with her. We did promise both Sadie and her mama that we will find her the best home possible. Sadie is leash trained, house trained and she knows how to sit pretty like a lady should. She is defininetly an indoor dog and she very much enjoys the air conditioning with all of her fur! Sadie doesn't dig holes, bark randomly or chew on things that are not hers but give this big a girl a bone or one of her own toys and she's happy as a pig in mud! Sadie is good with dogs and she lived with two small dogs previously. She is also good with children and had grand-kids around her regularly. Sadie will be in tip top shape and ready to park her furry self in your house soon so get your application in stat!