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Romy - Great Dane Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Romy the 3.5 yr old, Piebald Great Dane/American Bulldog Mix has come to BDHP through no fault of her own. You see her family was moving and they were unable to find a place for their sweet girl but had lined up a long term foster who fell through last minute so with Romy's best interests in mind they surrendered her to us. We promise to find Romy a wonderful new forever home and once you hear all about this girl you'll be on her wait list lickety split! Romy is house trained, crate trained (but trustworthy with free roam of the house) and walks well on a leash. She is an indoor dog and enjoys all the comforts of such a lifestyle...a cushy dog bed, dentastix, kong wubba/nubs, kong balls and stuffed toys (but she tears them up cause hey, it's fun!). She does have sensitive skin/allergies but these are controlled with a grain free food. Romy is super social, loves other dogs and kids and is a submissive, happy go lucky girl who will fit into just about any home. Get your app in now before it's too late!