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Rocky - Great Dane

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Rocky is coming to us due to some financial issues with his current family and we understand that sometimes life takes unexpected turns and we're here to help. He is an 22 month old, shiny black Great Dane who is a pretty well balanced guy. He is house trained and knows how to sit and wait and he doesn't bark excessively, chew on anything that doesn't belong to him or dig holes like a gopher - which for a puppy is a showing some serious constraint! He is a happy go lucky puppy that LOVES to play with his four legged friends! He would do best in a home with another young dog who likes to play and wrestle. After a good play session Rocky is ready to lounge on the couch and cuddle with his family (next to playing, cuddling is his favorite thing ever). If you don't have another dog, that's ok, Rocky would love to go to doggy day care while you are off at work! He is great with dogs of all sizes and has even learned to be gentle to the littler dogs. This sweet boy is good with children having lived with 2 aged between 5 and 10. This boy does need a 6-foot privacy fence because he knows how to use those legs and he would prefer a home with no cats. Welcome to the family Rocky!

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