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Rocky - Great Dane

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Rocky is coming to us due to some financial issues with his current family and we understand that sometimes life takes unexpected turns and we're here to help. He is an 18 month old, shiny black Great Dane who is a pretty well balanced guy. He is house trained and knows how to sit and wait and he doesn't bark excessively, chew on anything that doesn't belong to him or dig holes like a gopher - which for a puppy is a showing some serious constraint! With that being said, he is a bit of a spastic puppy and does need some work on leash training and proper introductions (he gets a bit excitable!). Rocky hasn't been allowed on the furniture and is just fine with a soft bed to lay on. This sweet boy is good with large dogs and he's also good with children having lived with 2 aged between 5 and 10, but he would prefer a home without cats or small dogs as he might accidentally hurt them in his exhuberance. This boy does need a 6-foot privacy fence because he knows how to use those legs and he would love an active forever family that will take him walking, hiking, and get him plenty of exercise. Welcome to the family Rocky!

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