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Rimbo - Great Dane

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Rimbo is a growing 11 month old, black, male Great Dane puppy. Rimbo was surrendered to us by his very emotional owner who had to make the choice to do what was best for his dog and we understand. We will make sure that this boy goes to a home that will love and care for him for all of his days. Rimbo is house trained and walks well on a leash, he will bark to alert but that's his job and he does it well. He will dig and/or chew when he is bored but of course he is still a puppy and with exercise and redirection he keeps mostly out of trouble! Rimbo hasn't been allowed on the furniture and he is just fine with that, although we suspect he'd be just fine with couch cuddling too! He really enjoys going for car rides and this giant goof ball gets along with everyone - cats, dogs and kids. Rimbo will make a wonderful addition to any home and we cannot wait for him to find his forever. 


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