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Ranger - Great Dane/Lab/Pyrenees Mix

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Meet Ranger! This handsome man is 5 year old Danelabpyr (Mama was a Dane/Lab mix and Daddy was a Pyr) so he is very unique mix. Ranger is a sweet boy who has some shyness and confidence issues and because of his current living situation, he is not happy and his owner is choosing the best thing for him which is trusting in us to find him the right home. You see his owner lost their home and had to move in with family and the change and activity in the house is not well suited to his nature as he prefers a quieter environment in which he can relax. Ranger is house and leash trained and he also knows how to sit, down and say. He will bark to alert but he's just trying to earn his keep and well, he is part Pyr! He might dig sometimes when bored but this is easily remedied with exercise and supervision for long outside times. Ranger is treat motivated so working on commands is a breeze with this guy. He is good with kids and other dogs (both big and small) but can be a bit leery of strangers; once he knows you he is all sugar and kisses. He has had two snapping incidents that were not his fault and he did his very best to communicate his discomfort - one occurred when someone just barged in the home with out proper introductions and the other at a worker in the home he did not know. Ranger will just need an owner who can understand that we are all a bit different and that he just needs a little time to make friends and feel comfortable. His foster family will be working with him on his confidence and we know he'll feel better once he learns to relax a little. Will you be Ranger's knight in shining armor?