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Phoebe - Great Dane Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

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Phoebe is a wonderful, 3-4 month old Labradane (3/4 Dane, 1/4 Lab) who came to BDHP with her sisters. They were all very sick upon arrival with worms, coccidia and giardia but they've seen their doctor, taken their meds and now they're happy, healthy pups! Phoebe is so sweet, she loves to cuddle and sleep on your lap but don't let that fool you as she LOVES to get the zoomies and will run all over at the drop of a hat..and who can blame her she is feeling a million times better! Phoebe has won over everyone in her foster home to include the older Dane who is picky with her friends...she too has fallen head over heels so this girl is one special pup that will make one family very lucky! Phoebe is doing fantastic with her potty and crate training and is waiting patiently for her the good news of her forever that you?