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Petra - Great Dane

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Petra, which means stone or rock.  However, I am a mush. I'm the sweetest 5-6 year old female Great Dane who will bury my head in your lap to show how much I love you. What a stroke of luck that the Humane Society knew the best foster place for me would be BDHP. If you're looking for a well mannered lady you need not look any longer.  I not only love humans but am good with other dogs after slow intros (I am often scared initially and may bark and growl to start but do warm up)...BDHP says I didn't react to cats.  Perhaps I wasn't cared for properly before I arrived as I'm quite emaciated. So I will need a very good, regular feeding schedule and exercise to fill me out to be the beautiful, fawn colored Great Dane I was meant to be. And, oh how I love treats! Missing from my life has been a person or family who loves and cares for me. I'm wishing so hard for the right humans to adopt and take me home for the rest of my life.  I will be the best family member you can imagine and will give you back, a hundred fold, the love you give to me.