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Patches - Saint Bernard (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Hi, I’m Patches. I am a 2-year-old, tri-colored, male St. Bernard. Besides being super handsome, I’m leash trained, house trained, and I even know the hand signals for sit, down and speak. As you can see, I’m super smart and very easy to train. I also get along with my kids, dogs and even cats! So, what’s not to love? Nothing! However, I am only 2 and you know teenagers. They think they know everything and I’m no exception it seems. You see, I’m fiercely loyal to my family and very protective, so when a strange kid walked up and tried to reach over me, I reminded him that he needed my permission. I guess maybe I need some more, properly structured socialization and training. You see I may know hand signals, but I never did get the proper socialization when I was young, so that made me a little leery of strangers. Then I got completely overwhelmed when my very first social event was at a soccer game with lots of noise, activity and strangers. I just know that with the right mom and dad, I will reach my full fun-loving potential.

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