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Oxford - Mastiff Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

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Oxford is a beautiful soul who has found himself in a good place finally at the young age of 2. He was  left in a field, tangled up, with no water, food, or shelter and was taking to the shelter where he was kept safe, warm and fed. While only at 98lbs he has no problem eating and with regular, nutritious meals he is gaining safely and is happy as a "little" lamb. He has continued to surprise us all with his amazing, loving playful personality and loves other dogs and people. He is a giant goofball who holds none of his harsh past or treatment against anyone. He's ready to forgive and forget and we're ready to get him the home he longs for. Oxford hasn't been an inside dog before but his foster family will work on his in home basics and by the time he's up to snuff and ready to go home he'll be a polished pup with manners and class befitting his name....or at least he'll try! Welcome to good life big boy!